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Entrance & Floor MatsCommercial matting from e-mat can be the trick to keeping your high traffic entry way looking good.  Commercial matting can trap dirt and soil from peoples shoes upon entry to your business prior to them reaching your good flooring.  Commercial matting should be maintained daily with an industrial strength vacuum to extract all the dirt that may have been trapped throughout the day.  Commercial matting can be bought in different colors and textures for different reasons.  Some commercial matting can be used to absorb water depending on the kind that it is.  E-mat is said to have the largest and most economical selection of commercial matting on the market.


When walking into the lobby of an office building commercial matting is usually just inside the door so you can wipe your feet prior to going any further into the building. And sometimes before you enter into one of the offices in said office building, there may be additional commercial matting just to make sure no dirt, water, or soil id tracked onto there flooring.  Commercial matting outside your doorway can stop gravel from scratching your wood or tile floors.  Commercial matting can also scrape the sand off of your shoes upon entering a store or restaurant after a trip to the beach.


Commercial matting can also be used to line the floors of a gymnasium.  Generally that commercial matting is of a rubber substance, and can be easily cleaned or wiped.  Commercial matting in a gym is more likely to be a very dark color if not black, it is usually also very thick commercial matting. What you are able to see with commercial matting on a gym floor is when there is an area that is wet or dirty.  This type of commercial matting generally does not allow fluid to soak in.


Most exterior commercial matting is low maintenance, and with aggressive scraping characteristics, it can prevent a lot of damage to your interior flooring from dirt or moisture. Interior commercial matting can be made to match the lobbies of the finest establishments. A lot of commercial matting is made wear resistant and with a combination of an excellent outdoor commercial matting and utilizing an indoor commercial matting, your worries are generally over.  The combination of these two types of commercial matting should keep the rest of your flooring almost completely spot- free.


Have you ever noticed the commercial matting when you walk into a showroom at a car dealership?  Their commercial matting is usually very large and right inside the double glass doors.  The rest of the showroom floor is generally a very neutral and complimenting color of tile.  So in order to not allow that tile to be scratched, or to have foot prints on it from the wet outdoors, the dealership will put a very large commercial matting, and even sometimes with a logo of the dealership on this commercial matting for you to clean your shoes before entering the showroom floor.  E-mat can assist you with deciding what will be a good commercial matting for your situation.  So when you need commercial matting make sure you use e-mat for all of your commercial matting needs.

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