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Floor Mats from E-matLooking for door mats can be a tricky endeavor.  Of course we all want door mats at our home to look really nice, yet we also want these door mats to do the job of keeping our indoor flooring in great shape by trapping all the dirt and moisture in the door mat.  Door mats come in all different shapes and sizes, and many different colors as well.  Door mats can be placed in front of your door at home, at the garage entrance, back door entrance, and even upon entering and exiting your pool or jacuzzi.  Most door mats have a roughened surface to scrape the bottom of your shoes rid them of any sand, gravel, dirt, or moisture you may have picked up while outside of your home. 


Door mats can be customized to suit your needs.  You can have a small door mat just upon entering, or even a runner type door mat to have extra reassurance that you indoor flooring will remain unscathed.  A very common type of door mat that e-mat has to offer is what is called the V-Rib, or the Straight-Rib door mat.  These particular types of door mats are designed for hard floor surfaces, but can be used on carpet.  These door mats have a super coarse loop construction to maintain its loft for the duration you are using the door mat.  These door mats also have 100% solution dyed polypropylene to prevent fading.


There are so many different types of doormats available through e-mat, it almost seems as though the selection of door mats is endless. The dry and scrape door mat is made of two yarns, one that absorbs moisture and the other scrapes the dirt.  There is also the Lustre twist, and that is a crush proof nylon door mat.  Another popular and yet inexpensive door mat from e-mat is the Plush-Tuff door mats.  Plush-tuff door mats are made for hard floor surfaces, but can also be used on carpet. E-mat recommends the use of Perma-Bond tape to hold this door mat in place if it is on a carpeted surface. Plush-Tuff door mats also have excellent water absorption properties and are made with fade resistant filament olefin.  These are just some of the many carpeted door mats that are available to you through e-mat.  


Another kind of door mat that is available to you from e-mat is the Waterhog Collection.  There are many door mats of the Waterhog Collection.  The Waterhog Premier Fashion door mats are diamond shaped polypropylene yarn of a heavy rubber. With these door mats, the face yarn goes over the edges, so it looses that industrial look, and now looks more of a high end door mat.  The Waterhog also has premier oval shape door mats with a more elegant pattern for a more unique door mat décor.  So if you are in the market for some luxury door mats, look no further that e-mat where they can help you in deciding what are the best décor door mats for your needs


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