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Floor Mats from E-matAvoiding ESD with Anti Static Mats


Static electricity occurs when the friction that occurs between two surfaces, such as shoes on a carpet, causes an imbalance in the positive and negative charges in an atom. As we all know the energy can lie dormant until we touch another person or a surface such as a door, door knob or table. The shock that occurs is called an Electrostatic Discharge or ESD. We are all familiar with this phenomenon as we have all been inadvertently shocked by it at one time or another. ESD can be quite harmful to electronics and in larger amounts such as may occur in the factory setting can cause injury to workers.

The buildup of static electricity may seem harmless to some that have experienced the unpleasant but harmless ESD at home, but many people do not realize that in certain work settings these ESD’s can injure and even kill workers. In addition to that even if it was not potentially dangerous to people, ESD can be devastating to sensitive electrical equipment such as microprocessors and the workplaces commercial machinery and equipment. The sparks from static can also set off flammable chemicals and gasses.

This has led to the manufacture of anti static mats that may be placed on a work table or under a worker while they are working on sensitive electronic equipment. These mats are designed to draw off the static from workers before ESD can occur. There are three different types of anti static mats available, the conductive, antistatic and non-conductive mats. Made of different materials such as vinyl and stainless steel fibers, antistatic mats are made for the work environment and also provide other different functions besides discharging static. You can get mats that are also slip resistant and anti fatigue.

When choosing a type of mat for your work environment it is important to speak with a professional in the anti static mat industry that understands the proper mat for your application. Some mats discharge static faster than others and while that may be good for some applications for others it may actually cause more damage to the equipment. A professional should be able to tell you the rate of discharge for ESD that is appropriate for what you need it for.

When equipping your workspaces with anti static mats to guard against ESD you will want to think maximum protection, this means having mats on the floors and tables, as well as anti static wrist bands for all of your employees. You can also get them with heel bands and conductive shoes for added protection.

ESD is something that all employers should take seriously, the average human carries around 25,000 volts of static energy at any one time, meaning that the potential for ESD is always present, and potentially harmful to your workers and your expensive equipment. By adding the proper anti static mats and other equipment you can avoid the possibility of an accident. Door-Mats specializes in products that are designed to eliminate static electricity and provide safety for workers.

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