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Floor Mats from E-matBuying Floor Mats for your Business


You may have never considered floor mats as an essential part of your business but in fact floor mats are something that every business owner should take the time to research and add to their place of business. Floor mats have a variety of different functions each one of which is an essential function that can protect you from damage, injury and lawsuit. Not only do floor mats provide cushioning for workers that must be on their feet every day but they can prevent slippage and discharge static electricity in areas where there is sensitive equipment or potential for injury to workers.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to promote greater wellness for your workers as well as protect them from injury, all of which can protect you the business owner from higher workmanís compensation claims and increase the productivity of your employees. Anti-fatigue floor mats reduce exposure to heat, cold, and vibration, they reduce spinal compression and reduce back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue. For employees that must spend several hours on their feet this can mean less injuries as well as great productivity simply because they have more energy at the end of the day.

Mats the help prevent slippage are a must, especially in food preparation areas or factories where chemicals, water or other slippery substances are used. Anti-slip floor mats prevent not only falls, but slips, twists and attempts to catch oneís self that can all result in injury. But more than that a person who does not have to watch their step and be worried about falling will perform better and provide more productivity.

Ant-static floor mats are often over looked as an important part of work place protection due to the fact that most employers do not realize they need them. With more work places depending on sensitive electronics static discharge becomes more of a concern. Static electricity that can build up in the human body can not only destroy your equipment but can also cause injury and even death to people. Anti-static mats can prevent this possibility by discharging the electricity in a personís body before it can harm the equipment or the worker.

Floor mats can be purchased that can achieve all these jobs in one mat. These mats are especially designed for factories where commercial equipment and water are both an issue and where workers will be standing on their feet for long periods of time. Not only will these mats help your employees feel better overall but they can help you save money from a decrease in workerís comp claims and damaged equipment. They will increase your productivity and thereby pay for themselves.

If you need floor mats for your business then take a look at the website Door-Mats  for more information on why you need floor mats for your business. They specialize in floor mats for the technical sector as well as in static discharge products to protect your sensitive equipment or products. They can help you decide exactly what your business needs and work with you to make sure that you get the proper equipment to protect against accidents and ESD.

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