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Floor Mats from E-matDoor-Mats Static Electricity


More than offering buyers the widest range of commercial, industrial and residential mats, our company, Door Mats, offers a full range of anti-static electricity products which have proven to effectively resolve Static Electricity products. Since we are predominantly a floor covering company, it is to be expected that we offer non-conductive floor mats, which may be used within several different applications, and not only are these mats able to reduce Static Electricity, but these conductive floor mats can be used in applications where high voltage electricity is used, and which could cause electrocution. Door Mats also offers anti-static electricity fatigue floor mats which are closed cell foam, with Static Electricity removal rates which are in line with the prescribed code. These resistant Static Electricity mats have been designed for use in hard surface applications, but are not suitable for use under chairs and carts. More than simply being able to reduce the build up of Static Electricity, these mats have been designed to offer fatigue relief from long periods of continuous standing and in fact, these anti-static electricity mats, are the most affordable value for money mats on the market. The mats have been designed in such a way as to allow a Static Electricity discharge rate that is maintained throughout the lifespan of the mat and at no stage will the discharge deteriorate.


Other than the floor mats for discharging Static Electricity, we have several other products, which include anti-static electricity table top mats, which can be used on several different table sizes and within a number of different applications. The ESD smocks offers excellent resistance to Static Electricity, and are made with breathable twill and a front snap for cord attachment, if required. To view the full range of anti-static electricity products which are offered by Door Mats, feel free to browse our site, www.door-mats.com. All of our products are shipped free of charge and we invite our buyers to request a sample of the anti-static electricity products via our website.


The other anti-static electricity products featured on our website include wrist straps and ground cords, which are the cords which plug into the writs straps and which offer an effective barrier from Static Electricity. Our monitor and meters are used effectively to control and monitor Static Electricity, and can be incorporated into any ESD control program. To find out more about our products to control and discharge Static Electricity, feel free to browse the website. Other products which can be viewed on our site include floor runners, door and floor mats, computer accessories, desk chair mats and horse and animal mats. Door Mats is the largest supplier of commercial floor mats and matting and we are specialists in products which reduce and eliminate Static Electricity. Door Mats has more than twenty years of experience in the industry and over the last two decades, they have been able to find solutions for several business problems, as well as Static Electricity problems. Feel free to find out further information about our products designed to manage Static Electricity, via our site.

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