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Entrance, Door & Floor Mats
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Indoor Floor Mats
smooth backed mats designed for use on hard surface floor

wpe3A.jpg (66454 bytes)Scrape & Dry
Two types of yarn; one provides excellent 
scraping action. the other removes moisture

wpe3E.jpg (167502 bytes)Lustre Twist
Crush resistant nylon in a large selection of 
colors, very economically priced

wpe42.jpg (152555 bytes)V-Rib
In our opinion the best all weather mat on the market

wpe9.jpg (128742 bytes)Straight Rib
Same durability as the V-Rib (above) only straight 
versus the herringbone look

wpe17.jpg (142352 bytes)Plush Tuff
Hard to believe a mat of this quality can be so inexpensive

Duro Rib
Multi-directional bi-level pin dot construction of a 
durable all weather yarn

Royal Tire Tuff
Heavyweight recycled rubber backing with raised carpet covered 
rubber circles and borders, large selection of sizes from 2' to 12' wide 
and up to 60' long & economically priced


Indoor Floor Mats 
with cleats on the bottom to help hold the mats in place on short loop pile commercial carpeting or on hard surface floors

Parquet Water Trapper
Raised rectangular rubber cleats under the carpet 
surface provides dry walk platform prevents pile crushing

Raised square rubber cleats under the carpet surface 
provides dry walk platform prevents pile crushing

Lustre Grip

Molded cleats on the bottom help hold this mat in place on carpeting


Gripper Plus (Best mat on the market)
48 solid and multi colors, permanent dye nylon on nitrile rubber floor mats
available in widths 3',4',5',6',7',8',9',10',11' & 12' up to 40' long

The Waterhog Collection
Indoor/Outdoor floor mats for carpet or hard surface floors 

Waterhog Premier
Parquet diamond pattern with durable polypropylene yarn 
on heavy duty raised rubber matting

Waterhog Premier Fashion
Same as above but with the face yarn over the rubber 
borders for a high end non-industrial look

Waterhog Premier Half Oval
Elegant pattern in the shape designed to add to the entrance 
of any door

Waterhog Premier Round on One End
Elegant pattern in a shape designed to create a grand entrance

Waterhog Premier Round on Both Ends
Elegant pattern with rounded ends for a more unique decor

wpe25.jpg (35694 bytes)Waterhog Classic
Knob pattern with durable polypropylene yarn on heavy 
duty raised rubber matting

Waterhog Fashion
Same as above but with the face yarn over the rubber 
borders for a high end non-industrial look


Outdoor Floor Mats 
mats designed for use outside in the elements or indoors

Super Kleen-Scrape
A X-heavy duty cleated top and bottom outdoor all rubber mat

Safety Scrape
A heavy duty cleated top and bottom outdoor all rubber mat

Loop Trapper
Reinforced vinyl coated nylon loop excellent dirt scrapping and 

Brush Loop
Heavy Duty loop pile all syn-tex grass fiber

Mesh Mat (unbacked with no borders)
When you need an outdoor mat that works better 
than any mat on the market available in 20 colors


Mesh Mat (backed with borders)

Same as above only with borders and solid backing


Finger Tip Mat

Heavy Duty all rubber with thousands of scraping fingers 
that remove and trap dirt.

Vinyl Backed Cocoa Matting
3 thicknesses and to many sizes to count. Great as a surface 
mat or for recessed areas.


Outdoor Heavy Duty Floor Mats 
If you need it durable for any weather condition these are the mats

wpe7.jpg (60854 bytes)Heavy Duty CleanScrape
Probably the best outdoor entry mat on the market, available in 5 colors

Heavy Duty Tire Mat
They don't last any longer than this.  Made of recycled 
rubber with reinforcing nylon cord.  Several styles and a 
large selection of sizes.

Vinyl Link Mat
The old standard, its been around forever. This is the solid 
color page but it has a link to the logo version.



Heavy Duty Ridge Scrapper
This is no other mat available that is a durable as this one




Cushion Dek with Grip Step
Pyramid top with drainage slots and an abrasive coating for 
extra traction




Cushion Dek
Pyramid top with drainage slots




Rib Runner/Knob Top
Heavy Duty ridges with a knob bottom, reversible





Drain-Ez Rib Runner
Heavy Duty ridges with a knob bottom and slots for drainage, reversible

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