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Specialty Mats

Outdoor Snow & Ice Melting Mat
Only mat on the market for use outdoors to melt snow and ice.
Safety Sorb
This bio-degradable mat will absorb up to 10 times it weight in grease and oil.  Designed to protect the environment by stopping spills before they occur or efficiently cleaning them up after they have happened
Safety Grid Strips
Peel and stick with a slip resistant mineral coated waterproof top surface.
Rectangular Chair Mats
Three different thicknesses for different carpet pile heights
Non-Cleated Chair Mat
Use on any hard surface floor
Door Bell Mat
Want to know when a customer walks in the door?
Vinyl Grid Floor Mat
Excellent around pools and decks but exceptional at outside entrances in areas where there is a lot of sand.
Tire Tile
This is the one they use in the heavy traffic entrances likes malls and airports.  Made of recycled tire it doesn't get any more durable.
Aluminum Mat
We actually show the prices on this product.  Please be seated while viewing.
Safety Control Mat
For the extra safety that is required around automated heavy machinery.
Really helps hold mats in place on carpet or hard surface floors
wpeA.jpg (37938 bytes) Grip Top Raised Platform Tile
Hard plastic with extra grip indoors or outdoors
wpe7.jpg (42420 bytes) Raised Platform Tile
Our standard duty use on any deck, patio or porch area enclosed or exposed to the elements
Heavy Duty Raised Platform Tile
Same as above only more support, excellent for use as a raised garage floor
Flexible Raised Platform Tile
Not as high as above  made of softer yet durable plastic
Solid Surface Raised Platform Tile
Our raised platform tile with a solid surface
wpeF.jpg (54495 bytes) Smooth Top Flexible Raise Tile
Excellent for any wet area where bare feet will be present

Foot & Leg Warmers

Boss to cheap to turn up the heat?  
These products will solve the problem for less then it cost to run a light bulb.

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